Great West Drilling’s AP1000 Becker Hammer Drills are designed for use when difficult drilling conditions are encountered. Alluvial deposits, glacial deposits, mine dumps, tailings piles and other challenging overburden formations are efficiently penetrated and accurately sampled using the Becker Hammer Dual Tube Reverse Circulation drill pipe.

Becker Penetration Tests for geotechnical investigations, liquefaction studies and pre and post ground improvement testing are accomplished using closed bits or knock out plug bits.

In consolidated formations, the AP1000’s rotary drives are used for Dual Tube Reverse Circulation air rotary drilling, HQ Wireline Coring, conventional air rotary and mud rotary drilling.
Explanation of the Drill Systems AP1000 Becker Hammer Drill
Becker Hammer (Dual Tube Air Percussion) to 500 ft.
Becker Penetration Testing to 350 ft.
Geotechnical sampling with auto hammer to 500 ft.
Reverse Circulation (Dual Tube Air Rotary) to 1,000 ft.
Wireline Coring to 1,500 ft.
Mud rotary to 500 ft.
Triple Tube hammer drilling to 200 ft.
Angle drilling to 45 deg. off vertical
  -Becker Hammer Drilling
8000 ft.-lb. Link Belt Hammer
Superchargers on all hammers
100 tons pullback
5.5" o.d. x 3.5" i.d. dual tube pipe
6.6" o.d. x 4.25" i.d. dual tube pipe
9" o.d. x 6" i.d. dual tube pipe
  -Rotary Drilling
R.C. Topdrive, 5,600 ft.-lbs Torque 0 – 100 r.p.m.
Diamond drill 0 – 600 r.p.m.
Pullback 60,000 lbs. total
Pulldown 26,000 lbs.
Great West Drilling’s BOA 8M is a powerful, truck mounted auger suitable for a wide range of drilling projects. Its heavy duty design allows for deep and large diameter auger work in tough conditions. The rig has ample deck space for hauling supplies or carrying a water tank and steam cleaner. For larger projects, the BOA 8M is set up to pull a supply or decontamination trailer.
Environmental/Geotechnical Auger Drilling
Hollow Stem Auger Drilling
Solid Stem Auger Drilling
Angle Hole Drilling
Automatic sample hammer
Laskey continuous sampler with 5 foot barrel
14,000 ft-lb. torque
30,000 lbs. pull back
20,000 lbs. pull down
Four speed, hydraulic top drive 0-750 RPM
Diesel powered, all hydraulic operation
3 winches, line pulls to 12000 pounds
Width - 8 feet; height – 12 feet; length – 24 feet
Great West Drilling’s DR 10K is ideal for a wide range of auger drilling projects. It has the power and torque of a large rig in a small package. The DR 10K will pass through a 9 foot overhead door opening, is operational with a minimum 12 feet of overhead clearance, and is powerful enough to operate up to 10 ¼ inch I.D. augers.
Hollow stem auger drilling
Solid stem auger drilling
Angle hole drilling
Rupe wire line sampling
In hole sample hammer
Laskey continuous sampler with five foot barrel
Operational with only 12 feet of overhead clearance
Requires only nine feet of overhead clearance while travelling
27 foot derrick extension
10,000 ft-lb torque
20,000 lbs. pull back
12,000 lbs. pull down
Two speed, hydraulic top drive 0-80, 0-160 RPM
Diesel powered, all hydraulic operation
Width - 8 feet; height – 9 feet; length – 24 feet
3 winches, line pulls to 10,000 lbs
Deck and mast slides to accommodate angle hole drilling
Great West Drilling Ltd’s Acker MK IV is a versatile, multi-function drill, capable of several drilling methods. It’s powerful enough to drill deep, large diameter auger holes, is equipped for wet rotary and wireline coring, and for air rotary and ODEX drilling in difficult drilling conditions. The soft tracked carrier can negotiate terrain that would usually make access to the drill site impossible.
Hollow stem auger drilling
Solid stem auger drilling
ODEX hammer drilling
Air rotary drilling
Mud rotary drilling
Wireline drilling
Angle hole drilling
Continuous sampling
14,000 ft-lbs. torque
18,000 lbs. pull back
16,000 lbs. pull down
Four speed, hydraulic top drive 0-800 RPM
2 winches, line pulls to 12,000 lbs
4 p.s.i. ground pressure at 6” penetration
50% forward grades, 30% side grades
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